Happy 4th of July. This is one of my favorite holidays. Enjoy your day. We have a great country

My Japanese Good Luck plant is going a bit crazy. It now reaches the top of my Hoosier. In side this white planter is the original planter the plant came in. I just put it in the white planter because the plant keep falling over. You can’t see it but they’s another baby growing.

A couple of years ago my granddaughter gave this planter. It came with three African Violets. I can’t believe it’s last this long and has a new one to boot. I think it likes where it likes again it on the Hoosier along with the Japanese Good Luck plant with an east facing window.

My snake plant is only a couple months old. I’ve already had to replant it into something bigger. It also is having babies. It’s in my large windows in my studio facing north.

Have a safe holiday,



Am I the only one posting a desk chair? Before our lock down we knew we need a new roof on our storage shed before that could happen we need to clean the thing out. What a mess. Well after two dumpsters we were finished. The only problem was my husband put both of desk chairs in the dumpster. Bill and I are not great at putting things together. After two days and the help of his cousin putting the last bolt in and tightening everything up we finally got it finished. Sits great.

This is The Gathering Shawl by Bumblebee Acres Farm’s. The yarn I’m knit it with is Lallybroch by Honey Girl Farms. I had one problem. In the center of this shawl is: yo, k1, yo. I’ve had a problem keeping the stitch marker in the right place. It keep slipping under one of the yos. I found on of the plastic safety pin type markers the best for me.

The Baker’s Secret by Stephen P. Kiernan takes place in France toward the end of WWII. Emma learns to bake bread from a master baker who is killed because his a Jew. She is now in charge with the task of baking a dozen baguettes for the Germans every day. She stretches her supply of flour by adding ground straw to each batch of dough. She manages to bake two extra loaves each day and share them with the villages. Amazing store which is well writen.

Be safe and keep cool,



Last summer I posted a photo of the black/gray yarns I dyed for this shawl project. The Veil has been off the needles but I just hate blocking. As I get older it’s easy to get down but not so easy getting up again.

I wear jeans all the time. Yes every where I go include church. It’s who I am. I’m loving these sock because they match my jeans.

I hope everyone is doing well. I so glad we are lock down in an apartment in a city. If nothing else we can walk about our acre and get some fresh air. We’ve only been going to the doctor or for groceries. I got dressed and went to Mass on Sunday but there wasn’t anyone there. I don’t know when they will be opening up.

Be safe everyone!


Finally started color four. I am moving along at a snail’s pace. I think it’s because I don’t like the lace section.

Another pair of plain socks. The color is so busy any pattern wouldn’t show up.

I gave a friend some leftover roving. What did she do? She needle felted a dryer ball with a dragon on it. She gave it to me and no I will never use it. Great display.

Bottom entrance to our house. This takes you into my studio which was once a garage. We took the garage door out and put large windows in their place. Also did some work and put in a propane heater in. This is where I love to sit and read in the summer. Not right now that’s for sure. Just to darn hot.


Finished my socks this morning. They always look baggy on my blockers but fit my foot just fine. I can’t remember the yarn and of course I got rid of the wrapper. I do a Knit Kitchener Stitch to close my toes. Very Pink has a great video.

This is a picture of our prickly pear cactus. They keep growing and have to be kept in check.

I have bright yellow ones but know they do come in different colors.

We didn’t do much over the Fourth. One of our children had their friends for a picnic and the other got on their motorcycles and headed for Kentucky. We did got for breakfast on the 5th. And that’s about it.


I’ve decided to sell my 8 harness Baby Wolf. I posted it on Facebook and had three offers within one hour. I’m so happy. The looms new owner will pick it up on Wednesday afternoon. It needs a home where it will be used. I’ve been unable to use it for some time.

I finished the first color of my Veiled Shawl and now onto color number two.

I don’t need any yarn but I fell in love with this yarn. I’m not even sure what I’ll knit with it. Any ideas?


A couple of months ago I came across a new to me author, Michelle Granas. I’ve read three of her books and loved each one of them. Amadea moves to a small village in the Pyrenees to become a companion to an aging aristocrat. She is very happy with the woman she’s become a companion too, but comes across some real charters in the village. This is a lighthearted story about the value of saying no and also about the sometimes unexpected nature of sustaining relationships. Enjoyable read.

Hania goes to Warsaw to attend her grandfather, Natalia Lanska’s funeral only to find her aunt and uncle have left Poland for a vacation leaving her to take care of their appealing children. Hania is a excellent pianist but because of her weight she’s unable to preform on the stage. In order to keep her cousins in food she starts taking in piano students. In the apartment building they live in also lives Doctor ┬áPrince Konstanty Radzimoyski . They go dinner, concerts and long walks and get a lot of stares because of this chubby woman is with a handsome young doctor. This is a funny and lovely love story.

Unlike the other two books Zaremba is an adventurous book. It also takes place in Warsaw, Poland. The book centers around Cordlia who has been left with a handicap and her somewhat dysfunctional family. He father an academic and Cordlia accidentally come across Zaremba, a wealthy businessman who is running away from the police. One thing leads to another and most novels and thrillers do but it ends up okay.

All of Michelle Granas books are very good but know that none of them have any graphic sex or violence.


The guys in my family love International Scouts. This one my husband bought on Ebay and had it shipped in. Absolutely nothing has been done to it since it left the factor with all the paper work. Oh, yes it’s a 1973. This Scout has been entered in quite a few shows and won a lot of trophies.

This one is a restored 1977 Scout SSII. He finally just got it back from the fellow who restored it after five years. He told us yesterday he’s going to get the side mirrors put on next week. This is the first show this Scout has been entered at and out of 150 vehicles it finished in the top 15.

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting. It’s been so nice out side and I’ve been working on the flowers and weeds. By the time I get in the house for the evening I’m just to tired.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. We had a great time this afternoon. Our daughter and our grandson came over and we went for pizza. Doesn’t get any better than jus spending time with your family.


Yes, I’m still weaving. I was asked to demonstrate at the Cherry Festival in our town so I warped my Dorset loom with this pink Miss Bab’s yarn. Turns out I ended up demonstrating the same scarf two years in a row. It’s time to finish this scarf.

Purple sock photographed on purple blocking squares. And to think purple isn’t my favorite color.

I’m moving right along on my Veil Shawl. Lace section is next.