Welcome to my blog. I hope to post at least once a week with photos and general discussion on my fiber hobbies and personal things going on in my life.



Every spring our group, Fiber And Friends has a fiber show at the Millersburg Art Gallery in Millersburg. These are only a few picture of the things we have for display and sale.
Lovely knit poncho
Lace shawls. The two on the left are knit with beads.
Baskets of hand dyed yarn.

And last but not least some needle felted eggs and rabbits. I have quite a few more picture which I might included next week.
Gnomes, fairies and paintings.

A cute blue mouse and gnome.


  • We went on an outing with our daughter and son in law on Sunday to Lewisburg. First thing we did was eat at the Country Cupboard then shopping. I keep saying I am not going to buy any more Polish pottery but couldn’t help to buy this.

Who could not buy this Polish pottery yarn bowl? Really cool!!!

These pieces of wood ended up being.

Trestle table from Ikea. Someone posted this on one of the knitting Facebook groups. It works great. So nice to have something set up all the time to wind skeins into cakes. Love it!

It’s been busy around here lately but I am getting some spinning done. I love my Handsen Mini Spinner. I have leg and feet problems so this is the only way I can spin.

I’m not sure how many yards I’ve spun but I sure do love the colors.


This is the first time I’m posting to this blog. Hope it ends up okay. I hope you’ll bare with me. I ordered the YarnYAY box . I love the yarn and the pattern is for a long skinny scarf. It might take me awhile to get to actually knitting it.

I’ve finished the second section of lace on my new shawl. The yarn is from a Knit Crate box I bought. I’ve since cancelled my subscription to Knit Crate. I got one to many boxes I didn’t like.

When don’t I have a pair of socks on the go? Never. I’ve come to like plain old vanilla socks especially with colorful yarn. The yarn is Zauberball Crazy. I love the yarn.
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